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Lots of information on Pinellas Property Appraiser's Site

Have you visited the Pinellas Property Appraiser’s Site lately? Not only does it have data on all the properties in the county, which you can search in many ways, but it has:

  • how to estimate your property taxes
  • the taxes a property owner would have paid most recently if there was not a Save-Our-Home cap on the property
  • milleage rates for the 24+ municipalities and tax districts in the county
  • explanations of assessed value – why it’s not what you paid for the property
  • a comparison of your current taxes with the proposed new save-our-homes replacement program
  • information on TRIM notices coming out this month – how your taxes can go up if your home value goes down
  • evacuation information
  • what to do about letters from Citizens Property Insurance

There’s a wealth of information there, so check if out if you haven’t visited lately.

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