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Cloisters Condo Owners Sue Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St Petersburg Florida

The Cloisters is a downtown St Pete condo on Beach Drive, built in 1999 across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts. Condominium residences start on the 3rd of 14 floors. Straub Park separates Beach Drive from the waterfront, and several of the beautiful, old trees are now more than 3 stories high.

The Cloisters owners claim that when the Museum of Fine Arts made a presentation to the owners of the Cloisters, they showed a model of a 2 story addition and assured the residents that the addition would not be higher than the museum’s current 31 foot height, though there would be mechanical equipment on the roof. Many of the museum’s walls actually rise 45 feet, and solid walls surround the mechanical equipment.

The six owners who have filed suit own the three condos on the third floor and the three condos on the fourth floor. The condo association is not involved in the suit. The museum contends that the condo owners have no legal right to a water view. The suing owners say that does not matter – they were denied the right to object.

Regarding expectations – I seem to remember an article in the St Pete Times that showed the addition as being primarily glass, and what’s evident now is primarily solid wall.

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