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'what is it about St Pete?

"I chose St. Pete because of the weather."

"I chose St. Petersburg because of the water."

These are rather obvious reasons, and could apply to other places as well. I like to ask friends and people I come in contact with – What do you like about St Pete? Why did you choose St. Pete?

Here are a few of the common responses:

I like St. Petersburg because people are friendly. In stores, drive-throughs, on the street, in my neighborhood – people are generally smiling and happy.

I like St. Pete because it has charm and character. So many places in Florida could be Anywhere USA.

I like the St. Petersburg area because of all the art and culture that are everywhere around. The Dali Museum – the small studios – everywhere you go, there’s art.

I like the Tampa Bay area because there are so many unique communities. There’s Tarpon Springs with its Greek heritage and sponge fishermen; there’s Dunedin with its Scottish influence; there’s Gulfport for quirky and artistic; there’s Pass-a-Grille for Old Florida beachlife.

I like Saint Pete because it feels like a small town, but has all the amenities of a city with 2 million people within a 30 minute drive.

Why do YOU like St. Pete?

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