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Fleeting Moments of Beauty in Downtown St Petersburg Florida

Today I had two of them – moments of beauty in downtown St Petersburg:

I start my day at the Vinoy gym at 5:30, and then go upstairs to the lobby where I join "the guys" for coffee, newspapers and conversation. This morning it was still dark when I climbed the stairs to the lobby, and saw their huge Christmas tree in the center of the foyer, all lit with white lights, and with trees and wreaths and garlands filled with tiny white lights lining the two sides all the way along the lobby. I felt like a child on Christmas morning – I’m sure surprise was part of the impression. A beautiful moment at the start of my day.

When I left my office at about 6 pm, I looked up and saw another Christmas tree on top of the nearby crane that’s working on the Ovation luxury condos on Beach Drive. The sky was dark but blue, and the lights from the tree and the illuminated buildings was just perfect – a moment later and the blue was gone.

Sometimes I find the perfect moment when I leave the Vinoy garage in the morning, and the morning sun is just starting to rise, and puts such a glow on the downtown buildings – rosy and full of promise. Again, just a fleeting moment.

Enjoy the moments, and capture them in your memory.

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