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Luxury Trends

When we read about luxury trends, it’s nice to know that sometimes we’re ahead of the curve.

The American Home furnishings Alliance reports a trend in oversized patio chaises and chairs, outdoor furniture getting bigger and cushier. That’s not new for Florida where the outdoor-indoor trend has been going on for some time. Outdoor kitchens have been around for years, and are just getting more elaborate. Fully pocketing sliding doors have long relaxed the division between indoors and outdoors. In the last couple of years we’ve seen outdoor "rooms" that seem much like indoor rooms in style and comfort. That’s my style – comfort all the way.

Yellow is the new color, according to Michelle Lamb, a design trend spotter. Blue/chocolate is out and yellow/gray is in. I’m happy to report that I’m in style as my office is a bright, sunny yellow. I’ll fight the combination trend, though, as gray doesn’t suit me.

For the kitchen, one big sink is replacing double ones, especially deep enough for pot soaking. Copper and brass are coming in for fixtures. Furnishing a kitchen like a living room is still popular.

Armoires for televisions are out, as hotels and used furniture stores will verify. They can still be useful in bedrooms and dining rooms, though. Lamb predicts that the next piece of furniture to go is the desk (she predicted the armoire 3 years in advance so desks may not be imminent) since so many people are now using laptops and wireless that desks won’t be needed.



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