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Megayachts in St Petersburg

Tatoosh Docks in St PetersburgSt Petersburg Florida has long been home to a fleet of sailboats and many powerboats, large and small. Yachts are in public and private marinas, and some anchor in the harbor. We do see some megayachts tied up to watch the Grand Prix as the races go along the city streets beside the waterfront.

The Port of St. Petersburg, within walking distance of downtown (just follow the waterfront), isn’t quite deep enough to be comfortable for cruise ships, so they go in and out of Tampa. It’s certainly deep enough, though, for megayachts – and just far enough away from downtown that crowds of gawkers aren’t walking by.

Here is Tatoosh, a 301 ft megayacht owned by Paul Allen, of Microsoft fame. (He also owns a larger yacht, the 416 ft Octopus. Behind Tatoosh is Ecstasea, a 282 ft yacht owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. How did he find THIS St Petersburg? Did he come because of our city’s Russian heritage? No – the Tatoosh suggested coming here.

Wouldn’t it be great for St Pete to cater to the needs of these yachts and their owners?


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