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Top hedge fund earners up, up, up

Isn’t it interesting that top 2007 earner, John Paulson, earned much of his $3.7 billion last year by betting that real estate loans were going to plummet. Robert Trigeaux reported in Friday’s St Petersburg Times that Alpha magazine has been publishing the top hedge fund earnings since 2002. In 2007 four other hedge fund managers earned over $1 Billion!

In the last 5 years the income needed to make the top 25 earners increased twelve-fold, from $30 Million to $360 million. Annual earnings of $200 Million didn’t even make the top 50.



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  1. Richard Wilson, Hedge Fund Consultant

    You wonder if that will change in 2008 with the down economy. I’m betting 2-3 people will still bring in over $1B while many of the rest may make relatively less this year. Maybe you will need a tiny $100M to make the list this year…

    – Richard
    Hedge Fund Consulting Blog

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