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Scheduling Showings

It is interesting how much more time it takes today for me to schedule showings.  It used to be, I just printed out the MLS, mapped out the day, and called the listing agents to schedule my showings.  Today it takes me considerably more time to do the same thing.  I still start with the exact same procedures, but then I have to take care of all of my buyer information. 

Is it a short sale or in pre-foreclosure status.  That might be listed in the MLS, but then I ask the listing agent and check the tax records.  Are their any liens on the property?  Count up all of the mortgages listed on the property, do they add up to more than the list price, if so, sounds like a short sale.  I look through the old MLS listings to find out how long the property has really been listed…I’m showing 8 properties tomorrow and they have been on the market 56, 80, 429, 727, 764, 811, 934 days respectively, oh and the last one has been on the market since December 2002!  What was the original list price, versus the list price today, versus what they paid for the property.  Did they buy the house at the height of the market or do they actually have equity in the house that they might be able to negotiate with.  It used to be I only researched all of this information after my buyer picked a house to help them make the right offer.  But to make myself more useful to my clients, I come prepared with all of this information so we can discuss it as we walk through the house.  In many cases this can help rule out a house or put it higher on the list.  I then put all of this information into a spreadsheet to carry with me as I show the property, then afterwards write down as much information about each property as I can and put it into the database.    This allows me a quick reference to any property I have previously shown, but also is very helpful for agent feedback that anyone on my team can give out.

That is what is involved when I show property these days!

Rob Johnson, The Simms Team

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