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Kahwa Coffee Shop in downtown St Petersburg

Kahwa Coffee Shop - downtown St Petersburg Florida

Kahwa Coffee Shop, with French roots, is on the corner of 2nd St N and 5th Ave N in downtown St Petersburg Florida. Owned by Perrier and Thibault, it’s become a favorite “Cheers” type of place. Even the New York Times wrote about Kahwa in their article on St. Pete.

The owners actually roast their own coffee beans at a separate location in St Pete and supply some notable restaurants here and around the country.

It’s just 3 blocks from my office, but it took a client to get me there. Whenever I’d pick him up to go see property,  he’d say, “I have to stop at Kahwas to get some coffee to take with me.” So, after a few stops with him, I’m now coming in myself.

When I came in this morning for coffee to go, Aaron fixed my mocha, and as usual left the cover off in case I wanted to add sugar (I didn’t) and I noticed the nice heart art on top of the coffee. Then when I took a picture of it, he poured coffee into a to-stay cup with another artistic topping. By now everyone was curious what I was doing, and after talking with Raphael Perrier, one of the owners, I took his photo, and then happy customers next to him wanted to pose as well.

The owners, Raphael and Sarah Perrier and Jean and Catherine Thibault, offer 4 blends, by the cup or the pound, named after the winds of the world: Sirocco, Mistral, Boreas and Zonda. The shop is at 475 2nd Street N in downtown St Petersburg, and is open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays and from 8:30 – 5:30 on weekends.  Phone: (727) 823-4700. Stop in, and tell them Sharon Simms sent you!

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