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The 3 Ps of selling your property quickly


There are 3 Ps to selling your home quickly:  Price  –  Prepare  –  Present

Price it right.  It doesn’t matter what you paid for it or how much you have in it. It doesn’t matter if it’s “fair”. It doesn’t matter what you could have sold it for 2 years ago. It’s all about what’s actually selling – which do include short sales and foreclosures – and also what other homes are on the market. If you want to sell quickly, price it below those. If you want to sell “in the herd” price with the ones that are low. If you don’t have to sell and want to price it based on how much money you “need”, leave it off the market.

Prepare it right. Make sure it has curb appeal – trim the bushes, edge the grass, repair the gutters, remove any cobwebs or wasps’ nests, add some color. Get rid of all your clutter – the piles of papers, the shoes in the corner, the coupons on the frig. Stage the home – arrange your furniture so there’s open space to move around, minimize what’s on the counters, add some fresh flowers, have soft music playing. Open all the drapes and blinds, have the temperature comfortable. Make it so that the buyer can imagine living there, rather than feeling he’s in someone else’s house. Plan to be away from the house.

Present it well and widely. Have lots of photos (that look professional!) and a visual tour. Have a full color brochure that’s written in English, not realtorese. Offer a complete website with links to maps, schools and neighborhood information as well as property records, disclosures and a floor plan. Make sure it has an expanded listing on realtor.com which is the most widely searched property site. Post it on the popular US property sites, and market it internationaly as well. Send it directly to prospects who may be interested or agents who may have suitable buyers.

There are lots of properties for sale – make sure yours stands out.

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  1. Sell House Fast

    I like these 3 Ps. Price is definately the most important thing. With Prepare and Present neatly ecompassing the other things you must do to sell a home fast.

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