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Notes from Rob:

Sometimes you get great clients.  In January I talked to a nice couple that were renting a house in Clearwater. They wanted to buy a house around their daughters school.  That was the only neighborhood they wanted to look at.  They had a specific budget and wanted to buy now!.  I met with them several times, each time when we were done, we made an offer on a short sale or bank owned property…but no luck.  On our fourth trip out, we were successful.  Bank owned property, they accepted our price, everything is great.  No six month wait for a decision on a short sale, they could be in their house in a month.  Not so fast.  First, the bank needed an extension as we asked for a closing date too soon.  Okay, we can wait.  Then the title company needed more time.  Finally we made it to the closing table a month after our original proposed closing date.  Everybody’s happy-Wrong.  Turned out some title issues were not resolved.  So the waiting game begins.  It’s good we insisted on a title commitment so that our buyers were protected! We had to sign extensions and still keep waiting.  My great buyers really wanted this house.  Last week we had a second closing (or was it the first, as the title company pretended the first one never happened).  Finally the UPS driver came to our office this morning with the HUD statement and our commission check.  I called my clients and congratuated them on their new home…only took an extra four months.

My ninth sale of the year…don’t believe any of them have been easy.  But I do know that I’ve made nine clients/families very happy in helping them find their dream home.  It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.  Now need to get to work to keep number 10 on track for August 5th.

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