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Notes from Rob.

After I wrote out an offer for a home with some clients earlier today, we sat back and had a beer and chatted for a while.  As we talked, my client mentioned that she felt they had looked at almost 300 homes over the past two years as they searched for just the right house.  Me being me, I made a comment about the fact that they needed to find the right Realtor – once they found me, then things fell into place.  She looked at me and told me that was true.  Of all of the Realtors that had shown them homes over the past two years, they said I was the first to actually listen to what they were looking for, then actually go look for that house and find it for them.  It was a very nice thing to hear from a client.  Working with buyers is my specialty and I feel I continue to do better at it as I have learned more and more about the business over the past 3 1/2 years.  It felt great hearing it from one of my clients, that I am doing it right.  Now we need to get their offer through the sellers, through the bank, and closed.  Then I will have done my job for these great folks.

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