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Monkey finds Costa Rica a land of plenty

Monkey finds Costa Rica a land of plenty

Costa Rica has over 100 types of mammals and over 800 species of birds. 25% of the entire country is conversation area and protected territories.

Tami particularly likes the monkeys there. You often don’t see them (it took Tami 3 trips and a dedicated search with a pro to find a few) but you frequently hear them. They like to sleep during the day and start coming out about 5 p.m.

When you read the flyers on Costa Rica real estate, you’ll often find mentioned the animal and bird sounds you’ll hear, and sightings you may see daily. You’ll also want to check out possible environmental restrictions if you’re buying a lot and planning to build – some trees are protected, for example. Just one more reason it’s wise to use a Costa Rica real estate professional. Call the Simms Team for assistance in finding the right one.

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