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Get help buying real estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sunset from Hotel El Valero

Costa Rica Sunset from Hotel El Valero

It’s SO important to use a reputable real estate agent and a reputable attorney when you buy real estate in Costa Rica. You should know from buying real estate in Florida or other parts of the US that it’s what’s in writing that counts as only what’s in writing is enforceable. That’s even more important when you’re buying real estate in Costa Rica or other countries around the world and it’s especially important when you’re buying land or a pre-construction property that has yet to be built or completed.

What if you’re loooking at raw land and you’re told the lot will have a certain view or elevation or building pad? It had better be written in the contract. What if you’re told there is water and electric to the property and there isn’t or – the line is there but you don’t have permission to connect to it? Then you should have in the contract that you’re not required to close on the property until those things happen. What if you buy a condo from plans and the finishes aren’t what you expected, or walls are moved, or there are view obstructions? You need to address those issues in the contract.

We’ve always advocated using a real estate agent who represents YOU rather than buying directly from a developer or owner. Your agent can show you the models and the plans, and may even be able to negotiate a better price or terms for you than you could working directly with the owner. A good agent can raise questions you might not think of, and can show you comparisons outside of the property you fall in love with.

In Costa Rica, a good agent will also introduce you to a good attorney – have a professional team working for you that will put your interests foremost, and who will cover your back. That’s what the Simms Team can do to help you buy real estate in Costa Rica – they can introduce you to colleagues in Costa Rica that they have found to be trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable and who will care for you in Costa Rica the way the Simms Team cares for you in Florida.

The photo was taken from Hotel El Velero in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica.

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