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Why should I use a real estate agent when buying new in a development or condo?

New constructionHaving an agent who represents you exclusively rather than an agent who is working for both the developer and the buyer can have advantages. In most cases, you won’t pay any more to have your own representative and you may even pay less. Your agent should be able to compare this condo, development or builder with others and give you the advantages and disadvantages. Your agent should be able to suggest clauses to insert in the contract or put in an addendum to protect your interests. It extremely important to remember that anything verbal is NOT enforceable. Be sure that anything you’re relying on is in writing and signed by both parties. Most developers DO care about you and keeping you happy – but perhaps they’ll care a little bit more if they’re also accountable to someone who represents more current and future business. You may not think to ask about pet restrictions or water connections or electrical outlet locations or whether the corridors have air conditioning – but a good real estate agent should bring these up.

If you’re buying in another country, such as Costa Rica, it’s even more important to have a good real estate agent (and a good attorney) representing you and covering your back. A homesite buyer commented on his experience buying a lot in Costa Rica. In response to his situation, I wrote about getting help buying real estate in Costa Rica. Clarifying all the conditions that you want to be met before you have to close on your purchase is important, and needs to be written in the contract! One of our services to clients who want to buy real estate in Costa Rica is to introduce them to an experienced real estate agent in Costa Rica with excellent local knowledge, good credentials and a track history, professionalism and integrity – someone who will “cover your back” and who will treat you there like we treat our clients here.

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