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Egmont Passage

Egmont Passage Tale of the Dreamcatcher

Egmont Passage Tale of the Dreamcatcher  is now out. Antonino Fabiano’s latest book is even better than his first, Egmont Passage, Tale of the Seventh Mystery. I like the combination of the local setting, which is Tierra Verde and the Bayway Islands, and the history intertwined with a current plot. Fabiano brings together elements of his interesting life as background, and has created a tale that is interesting to both youth and the no-longer-so-young. Zeke, JJ and Izzy are familiar from his first book, and though the second is a continuation, it stands on its own. From the first chapter on I couldn’t put the book down until I finished reading it. I might not have found this book if Nino wasn’t a friend and client, so I’m glad I had that introduction, and pass it on to you as well. Hopefully we’ll ve having a book signing here at the ALVA International office. Until then – follow your dreams, and read Egmont Passage.     Yo Creo!

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