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Costa Rica isn't all cherries and blue martinis

Enjoy life - and research property

Enjoy life - and research property

This morning (July 29th)  A.M. Costa Rica published an article “Real estate shortcomings are beginning to surface”. Fraudulent land sales in Costa Rica have been around for years – so have land sales in Florida that turned out to be swamp land. Don’t ignore due diligence because you’re enchanted by the surf on the beaches and the unspoiled land and wildlife.

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, you’ll recognize the truth in the observation that many developments are just fancy entrance gates and perhaps some roads. Not all developments intent to take advantage of early investors – many have great plans, but don’t have enough sales or enough financing to proceed. Yes, being an early purchaser can get you the greatest rewards due to pre-construction pricing, but that’s because such sales bear the highest risk. Financing, sales, permits, new laws – all these can affect the viability of a project.

There are some great opportunities for buying real estate in Costa Rica – and also some great pitfalls. That’s why we introduce our clients to reputable real estate agents in Costa Rica that we’ve met and vetted. Since real estate agents in Costa Rica don’t need to be licensed it’s important to choose the right one.

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