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Signature Place condo sold #13

View from Signature Place

View from Signature Place

Over the past four years I have talked to many clients about downtown condos and Signature Place in particular.  Since it was finished in June 2009, I have shown a dozen clients the various floorplans and amenities available in the complex.  I’ve even had one on-site salesman defer to me as knowing more about the building.

About three weeks ago I received a call from an someone in town from Massachusetts who had visited Signature Place recently and wanted buyer representation.  We discussed the project for a while.  Then he drove over from Tampa and we looked at the building again.  He still loved it and after discussing the past sales we made an offer.  We were delighted when it was accepted.  This afternoon he closed on the sale. That’s my Sale #13 for this year.

After we were done and we were in his new home on the 15th floor looking out at Tampa Bay, seeing Progress Energy Field and the airport  I asked him, since you had already seen the building, did I, as a real estate agent, add value with your purchase.  He looked at me and smiled.  He said that because of me, he slept better and rested easy, knowing he had not overpaid for the condo and that Signature Place was the right place for him.  He had received a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the developer to welcome him to his new home…he gave it to me as a thank you.  It is a nice feeling to help put someone in the right new home.

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  1. Bob Horn

    Thanks for this post, Sharon. I love it that the in-house sales agent deferred to your superior knowledge about the building! But I mostly appreciate you helping to publicize the value and logic of having someone who is representing the Buyer in purchases from new condominiums. While the in-house sales force is friendly, knowledgeable and ethical, they are, after all, ‘in-house’. Buyers provide themselves an extra level of assurance when they have an objective outside party on their side to help with the process.

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