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Medical tourism in Costa Rica

The cafeteria at Clinica Biblica

A quiet moment in the cafeteria at Clinica Biblica San Jose Costa Rica

Medical tourism in Costa Rica is yet another reason to visit this wonderful country. International Living listed the top 10 destinations for medical tourism and of course Costa Rica was on their list.  Many people interested in buying real estate in Costa Rica ask about their medical care. Not only is it good, and much less expensive than in the US, people from all around the world are traveling there just for their medical treatments. Not just opthopedica, cardiovascular surgery and cosmetic surgery – many are traveling to Costa Rica for dental treatments, from crowns to implants. Why not enjoy a pleasant climate and wonderfully hospitable people while saving money on your medical and dental needs?

Costa Rica is much closer than India or Hungary; the beaches and resorts are great places for your recovery; and in Costa Rica medical care puts emphasis on the word “care”. When we toured one of the hospitals we found not only a first class facility, but lots of smiles and a great concern for patients. There are hundreds of board-certified doctors and dentists. Costa Rica is one of the top 5 destinations for Americans looking for medical care outside the US.

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