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Sunset from our dock

Sunset over Boca Ciega Bay

Sunset over Boca Ciega Bay

Lately sunset has been about 8:15 pm (getting a minute earlier every night) so I get the chance to get home and watch it. Generally by then the afternoon rains have passed as well. The sunset itself is generally worth seeing, but I enjoy watching the changing colors and patterns in the sky after the sun has disappeared under the horizon.

Our boat, anchored between the tie poles to the left of the dock, would have blocked half of the view and most of the water. So – I’m glad we recently sold it! The newer, smaller one will be on the lift “behind” the dock so it won’t block the view (and won’t need monthly bottom cleaning). Hooray!

This photo was taken with my new iPhone 4G – not bad for a cellphone photo!

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  1. Port Clinton Boat Docks

    Nice photo! It’s great to have a place like this because you can relax and have a good view.

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