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Rainy Season in Costa Rica is the Green Season

Rainy afternoon in Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica

Rainy afternoon in Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica

It’s now the Rainy Season in Costa Rica, which the locals charmingly call The Green Season (sometimes referred to as dry season and green season). The summer season in Costa Rica is November to April and the green season is from May to October, with the heaviest rains coming in October.

Our first trip to  Costa Rica a few years ago was in August and I have to admit that going to the tropics during rainy season had me a bit worried.  Much to my pleasure, I found that it was no worse than summer in Florida, where a heavy afternoon rain is typical, but surrounded by sunshine on both sides of the rain. The green season also has the appeal of lower rates and less crowded restaurants and attractions.  When it’s raining – think Pura Vida! and enjoy relaxing under cover while you listen to the captivating sound of the rain.

Ken Schaafsma does a great job of dispelling some myths in his blog posts. I liked his post yesterday about the Costa Rica rainy season. He also gave a few weather facts I wasn’t aware of:  1) the length of daylight hours in Costa Rica varies by only about 15 minutes from June to December; and 2) Costa Rica averages 13 hours of sunlight every day.

You may know that Costa Rica doesn’t play with Daylight Savings Time.  What is, is.  So, in December Costa Rica is one hour behind Florida time and in the summer Costa Rica is two hours behind Florida time.

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