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Emergency Response Time in Broadwater St Petersburg Florida

Firetrucks in Broadwater

Firetrucks in Broadwater

When you are showing property, the buyers always have many questions.  For those who might be worried in the case of an emergency, they might ask where is the fire department and how long will it take them to respond to an emergency.  Today I was able to demonstrate the answer that question.  I was scheduled to meet a family at one of our listings at 1 pm.  As I drove up a few minutes before the appointment, I found the street full of fire trucks and emergency vehicles.   My clients were in the driveway of our listing, next to a family with five children.    It turns out that our clients had arrived a few minutes early and got out of the car to look at the yard.  As they looked across the street they noticed some smoke.  At first they thought it was a barbecue, but on closer examination it looked like the smoke was coming from the side wall of the house.  They immediately called 911 and knocked, then pounded on the door.  There was no answer, but they heard voices inside.  Finally, my client yelled at the door that their house was on fire.  That got a response and someone came to the door.  Quickly, the father and five children left the house and then the fire department arrived.  It took 3 minutes from the call to 911 for the first two fire trucks to arrive and take charge of the situation.

Luckily, they were just in time.  The head fireman told us that if another 3 minutes had passed the fire would have reached the roof and then it would have been tough to save the house.  As it was, they were able to stop the fire before it entered the house (other than some smoke that had just started to get in) and the family was able to go back into the house and the damage to the outside was minimal.  Thankfully, my clients thought (and acted) fast, and the St Petersburg Fire Department was on the spot.  A nice ending to the trip.  Now they just need to buy our listing and the day will be perfect.  🙂

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  1. Kelly Douglass

    Glad we could be of service and happened to be in the right place at exactly the right time. As an ememrgency responder myself, we were indeed pleased with the St. Pete fire department’s response time. Thankfully my ambulance corp skills were NOT needed and we left our potential neighbors with smiles all around. Thank you again for showing us the house. It continues to be in our thoughts as we begin the process of selling our current home.

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