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The Old Northeast neighborhood

 The Old Northeast neighborhood in St Peterburg, Florida, is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Part of this is due to its location: it’s close to downtown, it’s close to the waterfront; it’s close to parks; and it’s not far from I-275.  The Old Northeast is also popular because of its feel: shady streets with sidewalks. Many of the streets are brick and many of the sidewalks have hexagonal blocks. There is a variety of architectural styles: Colonial, Mediterranean and bungalow, to name some of the most popular. The size of the homes varies as well, from small homes with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath to expansive homes with several thousand square feet 

The design of the Old Northeast encourages a neighborhood. The garages are generally in the back of the houses on an alley. Most of the homes have front porches. Communication flows easily between someone walking on the sidewalk and someone sitting on their front porch, so neighbors get to know one another. With the convenience of the Old Northeast and the variety of homes, often two or three generations of a family have homes in the area. The Old Northeast is known for holiday decorations, whether Christmas, Halloween or the Fourth of July.

The disadvantages? Generally the lots are small so you are very close to your neighbors. If you want a pool, it may take up the whole back yard. Most of the homes are older which means that in addition to character you get small closets, smaller and fewer bathrooms, and the garage may not accommodate your cars. You can renovate or perhaps add-on or, if you’re lucky, you might find one that’s already renovated to your taste.

For information on homes in the Old Northeast, call 727-898-2582 or email the Simms Team at ALVA International, Inc real estate. 


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