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Bother us, please!

iPhone gives us access wherever we are

iPhone connects to info


Sometimes you like us so much that you don’t want to bother us.  You see a real estate sign and you’ll call the listing agent – just to find out a price.  Then you wind up seeing the condo/house with the listing agent.  Well, you like what you see.  So – you tell the listing agent that you already have an agent.  Oops – he tells you it’s too late.  He tells you that since he showed it to you, you have to work with him.  So – he’s uncooperative and greedy and now you’ve lost the opportunity for buyer representation (after all, the listing agent is representing the seller or the transaction, not representing you) and by not wanting to “bother” us, we’ve lost the opportunity to earn a commission as well.

You didn’t know “the rules” and you really would have preferred to work with us and to have us represent you. Please, please, call and bother us! Have a question about the property?  Please don’t ask the listing agent, ask us.  We’ll find out the answer for you if we don’t already have it.

Do you just want to know what’s available in a particular condo building or a neighborhood?  Please call us. We can look that up on our iPhone or iPad and give you the information right away.  On a weekend or evening we may not be in the office, but we’re definitely available to help you.  Our office phone is always forwarded to one of our cell phones.  Please – bother us, and let us help you.

You’re not really serious about looking or buying, so you just stop in at an Open House or a developer’s model …  When there, you tell the agent  that you already have an agent. Some agents will honor that and call us to let us know you were there so that we can follow up. Others may tell you  “It’s too late” or even worse “but if you work with me I can get you a better deal!” Do you really want to work with someone with those ethics? How will they really represent you and look out for YOUR best interests?  Please, bother us!

As you may remember, we’re a team, and we’re a family. If one of us is away or occupied, the others are there, ready to help you. We’re a family, and you’re part of it.  Please, please, Bother Us – for your sake as well as ours.

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  1. Bob Horn

    Great post, Sharon/Rob – I continue to run into this issue. Far too many people just do not understand the role of the Buyer’s Representative, or that using a Buyer’s Rep costs them NOTHING! And that a Buyer’s Rep is there to ensure that the Buyer gets all of the attention, loyalty, and help that they deserve…

  2. sharonsimms

    Yes, indeed, Bob. There’s even more misunderstanding with new construction and also with international buyers from countries without an MLS.

    Glad to see you back blogging. I’ve missed your great photography and interesting commentary.

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