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Insuring your St Petersburg condo

Generally your St Petersburg condo will have an insurance policy that covers the building as well as liability coverage for the condo. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get additional insurance for your St Pete condo unit.

You are responsible for the interior of your unit, from the drywall or plaster wall in. So – wall coverings are your responsibility as are floor coverings. Appliances and furniture are also yours. You can get a policy to cover these things, as well as covering you for liability. Keep in mind that if you have water damage caused by a unit above you, it’s your responsibility for that damage to your unit – another reason to have it insured.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of variables in the cost for this condo unit insurance: master building coverage, wind mitigation and energy factors, what floor the unit is located on, size of the unit, etc. ┬áThus you can’t call and get a quote, for example, on “a unit” in Parkshore Plaza or in Bayfront Tower but you can get a quote on a specific unit. If you’re buying a condo unit, start checking on this as soon as you go to contract – don’t wait until a week before closing!


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