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Most of my friends, clients and colleagues know that I’m a techie and that I like the latest technology that I can use in my real estate business and for my personal needs. My older son, who dragged me into email and a website back in the 1980s, always told me I should be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge. I follow that, except that since I discovered the first iPhone, I’m always pre-ordering the newest iPhone and iPad. The older ones get handed down to whoever hasn’t already upgraded. I even have my husband, George, a definite NON-techie, loving his iPad.

So – I thought I’d share some of the tech things I use for those of you who are interested. I come across a lot of articles that I want to read, but don’t have the time when I discover them. This may be early morning when I’m checking several sites on my iPad, or it may be later in the day when I’m at my computer. Here’s a program that will not only save them, but will merge them into one place I can access from anywhere: it’s Pocket, which used to be called Read It Later. It allows you to save articles, images and videos. Though I haven’t tried it yet, Pocket says you can even read your saved items without wireless, so that you can read them on the airplace. You can classify what you save by type and even add tags. Best of all – it’s free.  Watch a Pocket video.



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