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Homes are reworking spaces

Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka

Not So Big House

Reworking spaces in homes is a  lesson from the National Association of Homebuilders annual show that applies to remodeling older homes as well as building new ones. Read their comments about house design for creativity and cost savings.

Formal living rooms and formal dens are being used less. Even home offices are used less as many of us tend to use tablets elsewhere in the house or outside on the patio or dock.  So, more emphasis is placed on a combined activity area in homes: the kitchen, family room and eating area all as part of one large space where we can interact. An office space may be an alcove, a second pantry, or even a window seat.

All these ideas bring me back to Sarah Susanka’s series of books based on The Not So Big House. Her first book, back in 1998, was an eye opener. She advocated quality over quantity, useable space over more square footage. Charm and utility. She parlayed her first book into a series, but my favorite is still her original The Not So Big House.

What brings you happiness in a house? How can you be apart but nearby? How can views allow space to be shared?

As homeowners are more concerned than ever about expenses, from property taxes to insurance to utility costs – great design is more important than ever.

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