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Making parking easier in downtown St Petersburg

Parkmobile service for parking meters

Parkmobile meters

Many St Pete residents still don’t know about the Parkmobile service in downtown St Petersburg. Parkmobile is an app for your smart phone that offers many benefits:

      • No need to carry lots of quarters around with you
      • No need to overpay the meter just in case you’re gone longer than expected
      • No need to worry about when your meter is going to run out
      • No need to keep scraps of paper to expense your parking

You can register for free at www.parkmobile.com, fill in your license plate number and put a credit card on file. Recently they added the option of using Paypal. A service fee of 35¢ is added to the amount you want to put in the meter.

When you pull in to a parking space, take out your phone, click on the Parkmobile app. You’ll be asked for the parking zone (in the photo here, it’s 2007) and  the amount of time you want to buy. That’s it.

You can request a text message to alert you 15 minutes before the meter expires and you can add time remotely – no need to go out in the rain to add quarters or interrupt your meeting or cocktail. You can also set up Find My Car so that you’ll remember where you parked it.

Both St Petersburg and St Pete Beach now have Parkmobile meters. Many other cities use the same vendor so you can use your account from Boston to Los Angeles,  from Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale.  You can register up to 5 vehicles on an account, and you can set up separate personal and business accounts for the same license plate.

Remember – if you DO get a parking ticket, your first one can be waived if you show a receipt for merchandise or food that’s $25 or more.



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