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Kahwa Coffee opens new location at Bob Lee’s

Kahwa Coffee at Bob Lee's Tire

Kahwa opens at Bob Lee’s

Kahwa has just opened its fourth retail coffee shop in St Pete (and has four in Tampa) at Bob Lee’s Tire on 4th Street.  I like getting gas at Bob Lee’s because it’s full service. They used to just give ladies full service, but changed some time ago so they give everyone full service.  I like not having to pump my own gas, especially when it’s cold or rainy, and it’s nice to have my windshield washed and my tires checked. For some years they’ve had some sort of food operation there, but I think they’ve picked a winner by bringing in Kahwa.  After having my usual morning coffee at Kahwa North, I drove to Bob Lee’s to fill up with gas, and there was Sarah Perrier, one of the Kahwa owners, holding her familiar yellow and brown cup of Kahwa coffee and letting everyone know that they can have a free cup of coffee today (and yesterday and tomorrow). I went in for mine and discovered a unique blend of Kahwa coffee shop with vintage gas station.

Congratulations, Rafael and Sarah!  You’ve been a fabulous addition to St Pete and surrounds, so it’s good to see you expanding successfully.

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