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Wedding Bells are a good reason to sell

Wedding Bells mean Home Sale

We see so many sign riders advertising misery – Short Sale, Foreclosure, Price Reduction, Must Sell – we thought we’d set this house apart. We had sign riders made up saying WEDDING BELLS. This wonderful 2 story Colonial home in the desirable Pink Streets of St. Petersburg is priced to sell at $575,000 (we listed it Thursday afternoon and held it open yesterday, with 22 groups of visitors, including three good prospects).

What does WEDDING BELLS mean?”  asked several guests. It means that this house is being sold because the owner is getting married. She’s selling her house; he’s selling his house; and they’re buying a new property together. It’s been a happy house, and it’s selling for a happy reason. That’s good news in the current market.  More than one visitor said, “He must be quite a guy for her to give up this house!”

Happy to Report that this home has SOLD and the wedding took place!


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Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!

My lack of blogging the last month hasn’t been lack of interest, it’s been orchestrating change. The Simms Team left RE/MAX Metro, excited about the new possibilities, but sad about leaving some great people – though we’re only 2 blocks away so we should still be in contact.

We formed ALVA International, Inc., our own real estate company. Our new phone is (727) 898-2582 (898-ALVA) though our old phones will still reach us. Our new location – which we’re so excited about – is at 238 Beach Drive NE, right across Read the rest of this entry »

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Go Rays! On to the World Series.

Tropicana Field Celebrates Rays Win

Tropicana Field glowed as I drove by this morning on my pre-dawn trip to the Vinoy Fitness Center. Usually when the Rays win a baseball game, the fabric roof is illuminated in Tropicana orange. Never before, though, have I seen it still glowing in the morning – but never before have the Rays made it to the World Series. All of St Petersburg was celebrating the win!  Go Rays! Click on the photo to enlarge.

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We did it – a short sale finally closed

Short sales are anything but short! and they’re anything but certain.  It’s can be 3-5 months before you hear back from the lender on whether your offer has been accepted – and meanwhile they’re taking any other offers that come in. You need tremendous patience to pursue a short sale. (A short sale is when the owners owe more money than the current market value of the home, so they will be “short” of paying off the mortgages.)

Rob wrote an offer in February for our clients – and they waited for an answer until August!  Then the lender wanted to close in 10 days, and we hadn’t – of course, since the offer wasn’t accepted –  even done the inspections.

This home in the Old Northeast area of St. Petersburg closed yesterday. This is the first closing, despite writing offers for our clients on over two dozen short sales this year.

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Hurricane Season Starts – Florida Listens

Hurricane season starts every year on June 1st – not that hurricanes can’t emerge prematurely, but other than that, June 1st is when Floridians start listening to the weather reports – or watching the newspaper headlines.

If this is your first hurricane season in Florida, here are some hints for you: Read the rest of this entry »

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Good Reasons to House Hunt in the St Petersburg area

“There are good reasons to house hunt,” says James Thorner, real estate writer for the St. Petersburg Times. Known for months of down articles on the local real estate market, we see glimmers of confidence and rebounding in this morning’s article. He knows economists still see potential homebuyers as content sideline sitters, but Thorner sees our current prices as financially sound.

Tampa Bay is doing better than much of Florida in its housing outlook, and St Petersburg is doing better than the collective Tampa Bay.

Is it the right time to buy? It depends. Is St. Petersburg the right place to buy? It depends. Just as no doctor should give a universal prescription for every patient, no real estate agent should give one generality to all prospective buyers or sellers. Real estate is very local, and recommendations relate to individuals.

If you’d like to discuss our market and your needs, contact The Simms Team at RE/MAX Metro in downtown St. Petersburg.

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