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A Christmas gift for your home – the iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba for vacuuming your floors

The iRobot Roomba


There are gifts for people, gifts for pets – why not gifts for your home?

We had a chance yesterday to see the Roomba in action – the robot that vacuums and sweeps your floors. The Roomba is about 13″ in diameter and 3½” high and runs around by itself without a cord. It goes around obstacles and can go underneath chairs and couches; it doesn’t get tangled up in cords it crosses and it stops itself from going down stairs. All of us were fascinated by the robot and watched it make its rounds. At first we lifted our feet so it could go under them, but after a while we just let it bump into us and turn itself around.

It vacuums hair, pet fur and lint; it automatically adjusts from carpet to tile to wood to laminate. It uses a sensor to detect dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning those. Then it returns to its dock to recharge between uses.

The Roomba isn’t new; it’s been around for a few years. This was the first time I saw one in action. There are several models, depending on how many bells and whistles you want – they run from about $300 to about $700 and are available here in St Petersburg as well as online.


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Use POCKET for all you want to save to read later


Pocket logo


Most of my friends, clients and colleagues know that I’m a techie and that I like the latest technology that I can use in my real estate business and for my personal needs. My older son, who dragged me into email and a website back in the 1980s, always told me I should be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge. I follow that, except that since I discovered the first iPhone, I’m always pre-ordering the newest iPhone and iPad. The older ones get handed down to whoever hasn’t already upgraded. I even have my husband, George, a definite NON-techie, loving his iPad.

So – I thought I’d share some of the tech things I use for those of you who are interested. I come across a lot of articles that I want to read, but don’t have the time when I discover them. This may be early morning when I’m checking several sites on my iPad, or it may be later in the day when I’m at my computer. Here’s a program that will not only save them, but will merge them into one place I can access from anywhere: it’s Pocket, which used to be called Read It Later. It allows you to save articles, images and videos. Though I haven’t tried it yet, Pocket says you can even read your saved items without wireless, so that you can read them on the airplace. You can classify what you save by type and even add tags. Best of all – it’s free.  Watch a Pocket video.



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Touchtype case for iPad and apple wireless keyboard

Touchtype case for iPad and Apple wireless keyboard

Touchtype case for iPad and Apple wireless keyboard


Thumbs up for Salmon Sajid’s Touchtype case for the iPad and the Apple wireless keyboard. This was successfully funded on Kickstarter and mine arrived in mid-July. I liked it then and I love it now.

Why this post on a real estate blog? As you may know, I’m a techie, a geek. And once I had my first iPhone and fell in love with Apple, I’m an avid fan. Some people collect shoes – I collect techie stuff, now mostly for my iPhone and iPad. I want to share some of these finds with you.

Most days I don’t need a keyboard with my iPad – but some days I’m going to be typing all day, whether at a conference or writing at length. Those times, I not only want a keyboard, I want one that’s big enough for MY fingers. Sadly, the iPad cases I’ve seen have built-in keyboards that are too small. On trips, I carry my Apple wireless keyboard along, but generally there’s not a convenient way to carry it. Now with the Touchtype case, it’s here.

The case is slim and easy to carry: it’s less than an inch thick (with the iPad and keyboard in it) and Read the rest of this entry »

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A great experience with PhotoJoJo

It’s always nice when everything goes well with an order. When it’s not only efficient, but comes with great communication and a sense of fun – that’s a Wow! My shopping experience with Photojojo was a Wow!

Warning label that box may contain a Stow-away-asaurus

Photojojo warns of Stow-away-asaurus


On Wednesday I ordered some iPhone camera accessories from PhotoJoJo. Shipping was free, but for once I opted to pay $6 for 3 day shipping since I wanted to play with my new toys over the holiday weekend. Almost instantaneously there was an email from Photojojo:

  • acknowledging receipt of the order
  • confirming ordered items and prices
  • giving me a link to keep up with the status of my order
  • letting me know what to expect next: a shipping confirmation email
Just a few hours later the next email came from Photojojo: Read the rest of this entry »

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