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Statistical update for 400 Beach condominium in downtown St Petersburg as of August 2012

Entrance to 400 Beach

400 Beach condos

August is a good time to get a statistical update for 400 Beach and other downtown St Petersburg condos. Each year in August the Pinellas County Property Appraiser’s Office updates property records, reflecting changes in the “just market value” of a property and showing homestead exemptions for the current year. It’s interesting to analyze those statistics.

There are 93 residential properties at 400 Beach. 53 of them have a homestead exemption on their property, which is 57% of the total. This doesn’t mean that the remaining 43% are rentals since some owners claim their primary residence in another state or country.

The annual change in “just market value” for a unit is up 14.7%  but  the range is from +3.9% to +21.6%, so the average really doesn’t tell us a lot, especially at 400 Beach. Keep in mind that although these figures are just recently available, it’s really “old news” as this reflects values as of January 1, 2012. Please contact us for information concerning this year’s sales and trends.

Here are the averages by type of unit:

  • Unit 01  (2,203 sf):  +21.3%
  • Unit 02 (2,397 sf):    +18.1%
  • Unit 03  (2,873 – 3,072 sf):  +13.1%
  • Unit 04  (3,086 – 3,306 sq ft):  +11.9%
  • Unit 05  (3,976 sf):  +8.3%
  • Unit 06  (4,263 sq ft): +5.6%
  • City homes (1,470 sf – 2,414 sf)  +3.9% to +21.6%  (no relationship to size of the unit)
  • Penthouse (6,860 sf):  +19.5%

According to the Pinellas County Property Appraiser the difference in Just Market Values in the same condo building are based on different sizes, views and locations.

Notices of Proposed Property Tax (TRIM notices) are mailed out by the property appraiser each August. Property owners have 25 days from the mailing of this notice to file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board, so it’s possible some of these values will be adjusted.

If you would like more details on these statistics, contact Sharon Simms of  The Simms Team at ALVA International, Inc real estate or contact the Pinellas County Property Appraiser. We’re right around the corner at 238 Beach Drive NE.

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Beach Drive restaurants in downtown St Petersburg


Cassis American Brasserie


It’s time to update my post 2 years ago on Beach Drive restaurants in downtown St Petersburg, Florida. In addition to Parkshore Grill, Moon Under Water, Cassis, Hooker Tea, Marketplace Express, Paciugo Gelato and 400 Beach, all of which offer “sidewalk cafes” as well as inside dining, we now have Tryst and Bella Brava, also offering dining inside or out. What a great selection of places to sit and enjoy something to eat or drink.  Bookmark this post and you’ll have a handy guide to the Beach Drive restaurant sites: get the phone numbers, the hours and menus for you to look over.

Gatsby’s Restaurant is gone: Grayl’s Hotel is being renovated and will reopen as Birchwood Inn with a rooftop lounge on the 4th floor. NOLA at Parkshore Plaza is now AnnaStella Cajun Bistro.

Come enjoy Beach Drive in downtown St Petersburg. Enjoy a stroll along the park and waterfront, enjoy the shops, restaurants and museums. And, yes, dogs are welcome. Downtown St Pete is definitely dog friendly with water bowls along the way – Cassis even has a doggie menu!

And if you have real estate needs, stop in to see The Simms Team at ALVA International, at 238 Beach Drive NE – look for the red awning that says REAL ESTATE.

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Downtown St Petersburg Condo Rentals Market Update 8-1-2012

Downtown St Pete from Ovation

Downtown St Petersburg condo rentals are still in scarce supply.  There are 40% more than a month ago, but since that’s only an increase from 6 to 10, that isn’t much choice available. The ten condos listed for rent in the MLS range from $1,100 per month to $4,700 per month.  The $1,100/month condo is a 2 bedroom 1 bath unit at The  Beacon with 997 sq ft. The $4,700/month condo is a 3 bedroom 3½ bath unit at 400 Beach with 3,072 sq ft.  The average rent is $2,656/month.

Only 1 of the 10 condo units offered for rent will allow a pet. In many cases, this is a condo rule; in other cases, it’s the owner’s preference.

During July, 8 condo units were leased, ranging from $1,000/month at The Beacon to $4,000/month at 400 Beach.

Here’s what’s available on August 1, 2012: Read the rest of this entry »

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Downtown St Petersburg Condo Rentals Market Update 7-1-2012

Signature Place in downtown St Petersburg

Signature Place


Downtown St Petersburg condo rentals are in ever shorter supply. There are only 6 downtown St Pete condo units listed for rent in the mid-Florida MLS, ranging in price from $2,200/month to $4,000/month. The average rent is $3,100/month. One is a 3 bedroom townhouse, the others are all 2 bedroom units. The condos range from 1,420 sq ft to 2,203 sq ft.

Two of the rental units will allow a pet.Three of the rental units will allow rentals for less than a year.

During June, 7 condo units rented, ranging from $1,200/month at Flori de Leon to $4,500/month at Signature Place.

Here are details on what’s currently available:  Read the rest of this entry »

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Downtown St Pete Condos – Market Activity week ending 5-25-12

The downtown St Pete condo supply is holding steady at 33 downtown condos listed in the MLS, ranging from $56,000 – $3 Million. Though the stats are the same as last week, the supply has changed a bit.  Five condos went to contract this week, ranging from $270,000 to $1,150,000. Four condos sold this week, ranging from $320,000 to $1,500,000. Four condos came on the market this week for sale, ranging from $360,00000 to $1,150,000.

Here are the new listings in the MLS:

$360,000  Bayfront Tower       1,279 sq ft   1 bedroom   1½ bath
1 parking space     2011 est property taxes: $5,296     Condo fee: $674/mo
13th floor    view: east (Tampa Bay)   Search Bayfront Tower  listings

$485,000  475 Condo     2,090 sq ft  3 bedrooms 2½ baths
1 parking space    2011 est property taxes: $6,676    Condo fee: $597/mo
2nd floor     view: east

  $875,000    400 Beach    2,395 sq ft     2 bedrooms 2 baths
2 parking spaces   2011 est property taxes: $11,429   Condo fee: $990/mo
23rd floor    view:  northwest corner     Search condos for sale at 400 Beach

 $1,150,000   Parkshore Plaza    3,081 sq ft   3 bedrooms 3½ baths
2 parking spaces    2011 est property taxes: $16,189   Condo fee: $1,259/mo
15th floor     view: northeast corner (Tampa Bay)    Search condos for sale at Parkshore Plaza

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Parking for downtown St Pete condo residents and guests

 Parking is one of the questions to ask about a downtown St Petersburg condo you may be considering. Resident parking in some of the older buildings such as Bayfront Tower and Townview have just one space per unit. Actually historic buildings such as Flori de Leon, Detroit Hotel and the Snell Arcade have no parking at all. Newer buildings, such as Parkshore Plaza and 400 Beach, generally have two covered spaces for each unit. Vinoy Place not only has two covered parking spaces per condo but has several spaces allocated for guest parking. 

For those condos that do not have any guest parking spaces, it’s helpful to know that downtown residents are able to get parking permits from the City of St Pete for street parking in downtown. These permits allow them not only to park free, but to ignore the time limits on parking. These permits do limit which spaces are available to each resident and the permit is good for only the downtown district of the residence. There are four. The cost is $15 per calendar year.

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400 Beach and Parkshore Plaza










400 Beach and Parkshore Plaza were both developed by Opus South, a year apart. The two luxury condominiums a block apart on Beach Drive have many similarities, but each has a different flavor. The common areas at Parkshore have a more traditional decor; 400 Beach is more New York contemporary. The pool at Parkshore is surrounded by the building; at 400 Beach it has a view of the water. Parkshore has a more central location and 400 Beach is built and angled a bit more to the east so has better views of the Skyway. The floor plans of the majority of the tower, 4 per floor, are similar yet have differences. Both are worth looking at if you’re in the market for a luxury condo in downtown St Petersburg.

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400 Beach Market Update 12-1-2011

400 Beach lobby

Lobby at 400 Beach







400 Beach Market Update as of 12-1-2011 shows:

Actively for sale at 400 Beach:  Condo prices for the 2 condos offered in the MLS on December 1st ranged from $1,180,000 to $1,995,000.

Sold condos at 400 Beach:  No condo sales closed in November.  11 units have sold in 2011 ranging from $640,000 to $1,300,000.

Rental condos at 400 Beach:  As of December 1st, no units were currently offered for rent.  So far this year there have been 3 rentals, ranging from $2,700 to $4,500 per month.

Call 727-898-2582 or email The Simms Team at ALVA International, Inc. for additional information on 400 Beach or to see any available 400 Beach condos for sale.


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What’s the right price for a condo in downtown St Petersburg Florida?

St Petersburg Florida skyline and condos

St Petersburg Florida skyline and condos

Finding the right price for a downtown condo in StP etersburg is an interesting process. Here are two different approaches happening right now:

SignatureP lace is a 244 unit condo that began closings last June. Approximately 100 condos had sold by the end of the year. Individual unit sales are on hold as it’s been announced that 35 units are being auctioned on March 7th. It’s an absolute auction, with a minimum bid on each of the units. Minimums range from $135,000 to $400,000+.  Once those are sold, over half of the units in the building will have been sold. We’re assuming that the auction prices will determine the sale prices on the remaining units. In the last couple of weeks thousands of people have visited Signature Place to look at the condos.

400 Beach had 18 units (out of approximately 100 since the others had already sold) that were part of a foreclosure of Opus South, which had used these units to cross collateralize another project. Speculation continued for some months after the foreclosure sale. Last week the lender announced prices on these 18 units. 10 went to contract in the last 9 days and today they raised the prices on the remaining 8 units by 10%.

This shows that there are indeed buyers out there, ready and able to buy – they just want to find the right price.

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400 Beach Market Update

400 Beach releases last 18 condos

400 Beach releases last 18 condos

400 Beach, luxury condo in downtown St Petersburg, has been the subject of speculation since Wachovia foreclosed on the 18 unsold units. We’ve had lots of questions: will they be marketed individually or as a package? What will be prices be?  Today some of those questions have answers. Wachovia has hired Smith & Associates to represent them in the sale of these units and they will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service on Monday, February 22nd. Prices will be released at that time. You can check back at this blog, or you can ask me to email you the units and prices on Monday.

This week prospective buyers who gave Letters of Intent on units in the building will have an opportunity to make a revised Letter of intent only on the unit or units they chose previously. Any not sold by Monday will be released to the public.

That’s the second big announcement; the first was that Dale Chihuly will open a 10,000 sq ft gallery on the ground floor by July 4th of this year.

Contact The Simms Team for more information.

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