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Old Northeast named Best Old House Neighborhood 2012

Old Northeast neighborhood St Petersburg FL

The Old Northeast in St Petersburg Florida has been named to the Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: South by This Old Home. It is the only Florida neighborhood on the list of fifteen.

This Old Home is correct in pointing out the many benefits of the neighborhood:

  • Eclectic mix of styles: Craftsman, Colonial, Mediterranean, Italian
  • Tree lined streets, brick streets (and hexagonal block sidewalks that they didn’t mention)
  • Annual events such as Easter Egg Hunts and Halloween festivities (and flags changing with the seasons)
  • Waterfront parks
  • Nearby restaurants, shops, museums, art and cultural events

It ranked among the best in various categories: waterfront, bungalows and cottages, South, family friendly, gardening, recreation and parks, lots to do, American Heritage and Editors’ Picks.

This Old Home was a bit off, though in saying neighborhood prices ranged from $90,000 to $400,000. The multiple listing shows single family homes ranging from $146,500 to $1,495,000. If you’re interested in buying or selling a home in the Old Northeast, please contact The Simms Team at ALVA International, Inc.


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The Old Northeast neighborhood

 The Old Northeast neighborhood in St Peterburg, Florida, is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Part of this is due to its location: it’s close to downtown, it’s close to the waterfront; it’s close to parks; and it’s not far from I-275.  The Old Northeast is also popular because of its feel: shady streets with sidewalks. Many of the streets are brick and many of the sidewalks have hexagonal blocks. There is a variety of architectural styles: Colonial, Mediterranean and bungalow, to name some of the most popular. The size of the homes varies as well, from small homes with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath to expansive homes with several thousand square feet 

The design of the Old Northeast encourages a neighborhood. The garages are generally in the back of the houses on an alley. Most of the homes have front porches. Communication flows easily between someone walking on the sidewalk and someone sitting on their front porch, so neighbors get to know one another. With the convenience of the Old Northeast and the variety of homes, often two or three generations of a family have homes in the area. The Old Northeast is known for holiday decorations, whether Christmas, Halloween or the Fourth of July.

The disadvantages? Generally the lots are small so you are very close to your neighbors. If you want a pool, it may take up the whole back yard. Most of the homes are older which means that in addition to character you get small closets, smaller and fewer bathrooms, and the garage may not accommodate your cars. You can renovate or perhaps add-on or, if you’re lucky, you might find one that’s already renovated to your taste.

For information on homes in the Old Northeast, call 727-898-2582 or email the Simms Team at ALVA International, Inc real estate. 


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Walkability and Walk Score

Bayfront Tower Walk Score

Many buyers today want to be able to walk to restaurants, shopping, museums, entertainment. They want to be able to go out in the evening and not have to drive home.

Are you aware of the iPhone app WALK SCORE? Bayfront Tower, for example, scores an 82.  Parkshore Plaza scores an 83. Both are “very walkable”. A house on 16th Ave NE may have a score of 34 and one on Venetian Isles a score of 12. 

You can also sort for specifics for an address (or have the app use your location) and the app will show you grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, hardware stores, etc. So  – it’s useful for when you’re traveling as well as when you’re shopping for a home or condo. 


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Old Northeast bungalow a good find for the buyers


Notes from Rob:

Rob’s Sale #15 for the year.  Old Northeast neighborhood in St Petersburg.

It has been an interesting year for sales.  The Simms Team had a nice couple looking for a small house in the old Northeast.  One day this cute house came on the market, and was withdrawn from the market the next day.  Luckily I knew the agent who had the house listed for the day, and learned the complete background.  I called the owners and arranged to show the house to my clients.  Before the day was out we had a contract on the house.  Of course nothing goes smoothly this year.  Seller felt the buyers were getting the deal of the century and was unwilling to help with anything, but the buyers loved the house so much they agreed to pay the extra fees, fix the items required by the lender and we cleared every hurdle that was put in our way.  After closing I drove over to the house with my clients as they looked at their new home.  It brought a lot of joy to me after I closed the front door on my way out to hear a yell of excitement from the new owners showing how happy they were.  Makes you feel you are doing some good.

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