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Buying a house on sailboat water

 Are you buying a house on sailboat water? Sailboat water can mean different things to different people and you should definitely have certain things verified before completing a purchase. The most obvious qualifications are water depth (determined both by your keel and the tides at various times of the year) and whether there are any fixed bridges between your home and the bay or gulf. You may also want to determine how frequently a drawbridge opens and whether any bridge construction is planned.

Does the property have tie poles? Are they sufficient for the beam of your boat? If not, can they be moved or installed? 

You may want to insert a clause in your offer that during the 10 day inspection period the property is also subject to your determining the water depth, the ability to install tie poles where needed, etc. 

Be sure to choose an agent who knows waterfront and who’ll be able to help you ask the right questions.

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