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Find the Fun in Pinellas County

Find the Fun in Pinellas County app

Find the Fun is a new iPhone app for finding active things to do in Pinellas County. You can use the GPS to find things around where you are or you can enter a zip code or city. The app tells you what’s happening, where it is, if there’s a cost and even if its pet friendly so you can bring your dog along. This isn’t about events, it’s about activities – from The Pinellas Trail (all 34 miles of it) to golf courses. It also tells you where you can find produce and markets. Speaking of that – it’s Saturday Morning Market time today from 9 to 2 in downtown St Petersburg.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can get the information at www.findthefunnow.com


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Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown St Petersburg

 The Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown St Petersburg has just had a $500,000 renovation. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 8 years since it opened. The 91 room hotel had a change in management as well. As of January 1st, Highpointe Hotel Corp is the new manager.

Since St Petersburg is an Arts City, they have commissioned glass blown art works. The goal of the lobby renovation was to make it more social. This is a common theme in hotel lobbies now, as evidenced by the Renaissance Vinoy lobby renovation this past year. Hotel guests no longer want to be secluded away in their rooms; they want to bring their laptops to common areas and interact with other guests. If Starbucks  and coffee shops are the Third Place, perhaps hotel lobbies are the Fourth Place.

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ASPEC attracts residents to St Petersburg

 ASPEC attracts residents to St Petersburg. The Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College offers involvement, community, continuous learning and fun. Many members come because they know other people here, some have read about it, some just happen on it. 

ASPEC has over 40 different interest groups, most of which meet weekly. Topics cover the arts, literature, business, science, languages, politics, performing arts, photography, computers, culture and lifestyle. These groups are led by members and everyone contributes. 

ASPEC has lots of fun, too, from weekly social hours to monthly dinners out, from lunches to trips to area museums and theater presentations, from card games to waterfront sailing, from foreign films to holiday events. Some ASPEC members are famous, others are not. The common denominator to me is that these are interesting people who have led interesting lives and they are willing to share. 

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Downtown St Petersburg: another view

Downtown St Petersburg experienced as “a tourist” was the topic of a recent blog post by Shakespeare’s Sister. She and her husband spent the weekend at Inn at the Bay and enjoyed downtown St Pete. Moon Under Water and Paciugo’s gelaterie were restaurant stops, and they enjoyed the Saturday morning market, SPIFFS St Petersburg International Folk Fair and the Festival of Speeds. Check her post for impressions and photos.

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'what is it about St Pete?

"I chose St. Pete because of the weather."

"I chose St. Petersburg because of the water."

These are rather obvious reasons, and could apply to other places as well. I like to ask friends and people I come in contact with – What do you like about St Pete? Why did you choose St. Pete?

Here are a few of the common responses:

I like St. Petersburg because people are friendly. In stores, drive-throughs, on the street, in my neighborhood – people are generally smiling and happy.

I like St. Pete because it has charm and character. So many places in Florida could be Anywhere USA.

I like the St. Petersburg area because of all the art and culture that are everywhere around. The Dali Museum – the small studios – everywhere you go, there’s art.

I like the Tampa Bay area because there are so many unique communities. There’s Tarpon Springs with its Greek heritage and sponge fishermen; there’s Dunedin with its Scottish influence; there’s Gulfport for quirky and artistic; there’s Pass-a-Grille for Old Florida beachlife.

I like Saint Pete because it feels like a small town, but has all the amenities of a city with 2 million people within a 30 minute drive.

Why do YOU like St. Pete?

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