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A home for Christmas

It's hard to put a house under a Christmas tree but that doesn't mean it can't be a Christmas present. We think our SALE PENDING properties are indeed Christmas presents – for the sellers, for the buyers, and yes, for us, too.

Most years the St Petersburg real estate market is slow between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not this year. The Simms Team has been out showing property every day, usually to multiple clients. We are very grateful for that. Showings … offers … contracts … closings.

A huge thank you to everyone who has chosen to work with us and to everyone who has referred us clients.


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ALVA Sundays are now By Appointment Only

Gone Fishing - for clients

Gone Fishing - for clients

Starting this week, ALVA International, Inc’s real estate office will be open on Sundays by appointment only.  Analyzing our results, spending Sunday sitting in the office hasn’t been the st productive use of our time. So – The Simms Team will be in the office by appointment ony.  That doesn’t mean we’ll be Christmas shopping (sadly) as today, for example: Tami, Rob and I are all meeting with clients. So The Simms Team is out doing business, not sitting in the office waiting for things to happen. Here we’re following the lead of our Aspen colleague, Joshua Saslove,  who told us that he only wants to see his agents in the office when they’re writing a contract. Otherwise he wants them out on the ski slopes, at the country club, the tennis courts, etc.   So – we’ll be out where we’re hearing who’s looking for what and who’s hiring who, rather than doing paperwork in the office. We’re here if you need us – our office phone (727) 898-2582 forwards to one of our cell phones when the office is closed.

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